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Video & the Movement Arts - DeanZF - 08-18-2006

Have you ever watched a recorded presentation of a multi-faceted event, one with obvious vocal talent, great musicians, marvelous movers, and videoclutzes that had not clue one as to why they were there? So "artsy" and full of effect that the point of much of the ministry was missed? I've seen SO many. Actually, I've seen SO FEW that were done well! I found out more about why today.

It's been a sticking point :poke: of mine for years that if we're going to shove a camera in the hands of a rank amateur or even a skilled professional and not require their presence at both the last rehearsal and the dress rehearsal (yes, TWO rehearsals, not run-throughs), we're going to get pretty much what we deserve and we have no basis on which to carp. But even that is not enough, I'm learning. :o

Heck folks, we can script the videogs, we can direct them, we can hold their hands, and somehow, it still doesn't get through that we don't really need a 2-minute close up of the uvula of the marvelous singer while there is much dancing going on. Nor do we need a head shot of the dancer while his/her feet, arms, and hands are being hugely expressive. Or foot shots of flaggers or banner bearers, trumpet players loosing the juices from their horns, onlookers snoozing, talking, sleeping, or picking their noses (seen 'em all!).

I've been watching a series of woodworking videos and got to hear an amazing interview with the people "behind the scenes". These videos are shot in such a way that there is only one chance. They use multiple cameras to provide everything they'd need to produce the video (14 hours of tape from 2 or 3 cameras for a 2 hour final product), but they only have one chance to get it right. There is no rehearsal, no "do over" possible. There is one piece of wood and once it's cut, it's cut. What did I learn from this? There was discussion about what had to be shown in order to make the video of value. The art was in making sure it was all covered, not in special effects. There were close-ups of the things that the onlooker was going to want to see, and there were lots of nice perspective shots, pretty much over the shoulder of the woodworker so we could see what he was seeing. They did one innovative treatment where they got a camera up close and personal with the machines involved, 1-1/4" or 30mm from the business end of some major tools. Focus was sharp, the shots were pertinent. How'd they do that?

It seems that the main production folks had been at a wood show and seen this man do his thing (they're all Brits, Dave & FlagLady!! Great resource for you if you need good video. <URL url="http://www.avanticom.co.uk/%29">http://www.avanticom.co.uk/). They approached him about partnering because they saw the crowds he drew and saw profit-ic possibilities. That's all good, but what they did that was special is that they went and took classes from the man just to find out what they needed to know so they could be sure that others would see what the others needed to know. BRILLIANT! :wow:

All of this to say that I think that good videos may yet be possible. Finding folks like this who are willing to invest to produce good products becomes the goal of prayer and searching. Imagine having someone come to a clinic and spend a bit of time to learn what flags do and how important the visual aspect of them is? Imagine someone attending a dance class or two just to find out what's important to the dancers and what will be meaningful to them on the screen??

It was a wonderful video experience and made me think about all the stuff we've gone through over the years. Maybe this is a new generation of videogs, a generation that will be more focused on faithful representation of OUR art than the creation of what THEY see as videographic art. Worth praying about, methinks. :2:

Video & the Movement Arts - flaglady - 08-20-2006

Ace, Dean!! How I felt that all through the eight hours of Calling all Nations! Hours of close ups of guitars, bopping singers or people standing motionless with eyes closed, one hopes having a wonderful Spirit-filled experiences, but that's not video-able!!

And all the time, down on the race track, there was Andy Au and his massive team of 150 dancers, doing amazing things with dance, flags, flag sheets, jumbo ribbons, staffs. And they'd been rehearsing all of this all week! But the cameras just wafted over them to some bored looking folk or a quick cut to an American blond (guy) who kept telling us what an "amazing, Spirit-filled atmosphere" there was in the stadium!! Yes, but you can't video that!! You can video flags and dance!

And then the inevitable studio shots of members of the groups telling us all how successful the whole event was, even at 11 in the morning - only 1 hour in!!


I have been in touch with the God channel some time ago - NB to self, must follow up on that - suggesting that they run a series of workshops on flag worship and movement in worship. They said they'd put it on hold as at the time, they weren't in a position to make their own programmes. Some of the God channel's staff church with us and the pastor's son works there too - office boy, I think!!! - but as we have contacts, I'm going to do my darndest to get them on side.



Video & the Movement Arts - DeanZF - 08-20-2006

flaglady,Aug 20 2006, 04:17 PM Wrote:I have been in touch with the God channel some time ago - NB to self, must follow up on that - suggesting that they run a series of workshops on flag worship and movement in worship. They said they'd put it on hold as at the time...

When you're back in touch with them, suggest that they have a workshop for the video folks (camera, direction, production, editing, scripting), given by some of the artists! If those artists were to come with concepts of what they as dancers, flaggers, mimes, readers, even singers, would really like to see on what they consider to be good, representational videos. Offer to emcee it! It might be revelational for them. A great way to help educate those who need extra and expert vision for recording the arts for posterity and to help transport viewers into the power of an event, not merely giving mindless heed to singers, the occasional blond onlooker, or the nosepicking crowds! <EMOJI seq="1f607">:innocent:</EMOJI>

Video & the Movement Arts - HelenaZF - 08-21-2006

I will never forget watching the Integrity Hosanna video for "Shalom Jerusalem" for the first time. I was so excited. One of my banners (Exalted One) was used in the final song, and while it was powerfully ministering on stage, the video technician was getting mostly great close-ups of

Paul Wilbur's uvula. <URL url="http://img178.imageshack.us/my.php?image=mouthuvulame1.gif"><IMG content="http://img178.imageshack.us/img178/6060/mouthuvulame1.th.gif">[Image: mouthuvulame1.th.gif]

arrrrgh!!!! :mob: