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One Faith dance interpretation - CCOTK dancers - HelenaZF - 09-29-2018

My small dance team at my church is an extension of our ZionFire ministry, and we gathered together this summer to do a presentation in honor of our bishops consecration anniversary. A number of "God-incidences" confirmed that it was a divine inspiration for the timing and the choice of this piece.  Even the makeup of the team was providential.  Two of the dancers are sisters, and one is a foreign exchanged student who danced with us for a year when she was staying with the sisters' family several years ago. She was in town only for that one Sunday we did the piece! It was a joy to be able to include her in our team for this special event.

We chose a piece that celebrates the Good Shepherd, and interpreted it in a garment suggestive of a shepherd's garb and a staff. The staff was used to audibly proclaim statements about taking the territory, guarding the boundaries, and put the enemy on notice that the Good Shepherd is on guard over his flock of sheep.

The piece is John Michael Talbot's "One Faith". Interestingly, the bishop had been preaching a series of sermons on the Creed, so this piece was especially appropriate as it is an interpretation of that foundational declaration.

Video was taken on a phone camera. Amazing little devices those are!