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Holy Week is just around the corner - mmitch47 - 02-12-2011

I feel like I have been let out of jail. After a four year hiatus God has allowed me to be involved in directing the Holy week production called Once Upon a Tree by Pepper Choplin. He and a fellow named Brent Adams have heard the heart of God. I will be taking three small volunteer choirs from three churches and combinig them for this production. Because I love to take things over the top; instead of just singing it we will be incorporating the crucifixion scene from The passion; which will morph into a scrimed version of the crucifixion when Jesus is removed from the cross. We were even able to perloyne a follow spot to use. I feel like I am in heaven. We will be using Max Lucado's he chose the nails for the devotion each week. My prayer request was going to be for the people who were coming to participate but I am praying that the lives of those in the cast will be transformed as they present Jesus in this special way....thanks in advance for your prayers.

Holy Week is just around the corner - mmitch47 - 02-13-2011

First rehearsal: took crown of thorns from Israel and passed it around letting each person to listen to soundtrack and think about what we were beginning. Then we went and retrieved our costumes from the upstairs storage. When they found the bloody shirt of Jesus they shared some interesting comments. Took 15 min. for all but one. That person got to be a real pain. The one she wore 7 years ago when we did it the first time didsn't fit any more. Hmmm oh the things that happen when we age...I thanked God that I learned to go with the flow alon time ago. It wasn't me that was frustrated. I was excited to hear them say Can I take it (costume) home to embellish it....oh they are getting hooked on my constant cry for costume jewelry etc. when they are all going yard saling. Then we sang along with the CD. For some it was a repeat. For some a very new thing. This cantata is narrated by Luke. It has some very serious moments. I think it is going to be done on Good Friday so it will be finished in acapella because we cannot /will not sing the hallelujah finale on Good Friday night. I do not know yet if we are singing at Easter Sunrise. If we do we will sing the finale then. It is amazing I meet Jesus every time I am conducting.

Holy Week is just around the corner - HelenaZF - 02-14-2011

It's been a while since I was involved in a holy week production. It can be very moving and very lifechanging for everyone involved. I can see from what you have shared already that God is doing and will be doing some deep work in the people involved. I'm glad you are writing about it. It is bringing glory to the Father.

Holy Week is just around the corner - DeanZF - 02-28-2011

Do I detect the aroma of life here?? :brow:

I love it when folks are not performing but being transformed by works like that.

Gonna video it for your archives???

Holy Week is just around the corner - mmitch47 - 02-28-2011

Week 3 of rehearsal was greeted with a teaching on worship and how the jewish people could encompass it in all they did and were. Yes they were usually in need of redemption. Guess what so do we? But the question of the night was take off the old ways and put on the new ways (which are even the oldest of ways [ I shared from the magazine Helena sent me about kadesh]). The we went to warm ups which was singing some easy songs of worship. You could feel God's presence moving around in the room. Rehearssal was good and the closing prayer time was longer than usual cause they started to be open and vulnerable with their prayers. As for videoing the full production, I am going to try. It won't be good cause we dont have enough cameras to move around for each scene. buy hey I waited 4 years just to get back to this point. God in his grace is ready to move in and through the singers. Yay Confusednoopy: ....peg

Holy Week is just around the corner - DeanZF - 03-01-2011

Video does not need to be HD or anything, but it's good to have a pew eye view of the entire presentation. Mount the camera, turn it on, let it run with the entire staging area in the viewfinder. It's a record and an over all effect, right?

Holy Week is just around the corner - mmitch47 - 03-01-2011

I replied the way I did based on something you wrote earlier about missing things. I guess an overall view which would put things in the distance is better than nothing. I wanted to rent a follow spot to use to light one area at a time and that did not pass the boards so we are in the general lighting of the house which is awful. We will do the best we can technically. Most of our meager budget is the books we need, and the redeemer banner. I spend a great deal of time on ebay. I would like your opinion on the pricing of a particular seller. I bought a 40 yd bolt of iridescent organza for 50.00. is that a good price? Aside from all of that, the lenten series in bible studies is Lucados He chose the nails. The church will be going through this study weekly. Several areas of the articles Helena sent from Restore fits in there so I am using them to fit in the cracks or the betweens. Already am seeing some lights going on to the depth and the narrowness of our call to be "hebraic" worshippers. The cry of the choirs prayers were that people would listen in to our worship and be carried into God's presence.......for me. it has been so long since I have been permitted to go there that I am somewhat ovderwhelmed.

I look at all the people who i have shared my life with and the teachings and fellowship and prayers that have gone on to get us all into this moment; and because of all of you a troupe of rural people 20 in nuber will see God do something extraordinary through them,,,,Geez I am in the middle of a God thanf and I do not know how to shout loud enpugh...and we have 8 weeks before "performance'.

Holy Week is just around the corner - HelenaZF - 03-04-2011

Quote:I bought a 40 yd bolt of iridescent organza for 50.00.

That is a spectacular deal. A good price would be $5/yd. A standard price is around $8-10.