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Who ARE you? - DeanZF - 03-03-2010

Today is March 2, 2010, and today I heard one of the three most powerful sermons that I've heard in my 35 years in Christ. And it was not preached on Christian radio or even by a minister!

Glenn Beck delivered an incredible sermon this morning. It was only about 12 uninterrupted minutes long, but it was a definite wow. It started with a caller who was deeply disturbed about events and looming crises in the national life of the United States of America. She was shaky of voice and close to tears. He asked her "one of those" questions. You know them, the ones that you're reluctant to answer because you're sure that no matter how you answer it won't match the point that the asker is seeking. He pushed her hard. "Who ARE you?" She hemmed a bit. I'm not trying to quote her directly (sure wish I could get a transcript or recording of the show, but they're not available). "Well, I love my country." "No, that's how you feel, who ARE you?" "Well, I pray a lot for my country." "No, that's something that you DO. Who ARE you?!?"

What a question, and the soliloquy that followed was amazing. I've heard similar points made for most of my Christian life. I have a bishop who talks about this, too, but in a different way. Beck finally answered the question for her. "You are a son or daughter of God!" He went on to preach a powerful message about know who we are and the ramifications of knowing Whose we are.

I've heard and taught about imperatives and emphases. His powerful point was the difference between <SIZE size="1">(knowing) that I'm a son of God and knowing that I'm a son of God. It's so much about understanding what it means to be God's kid, and truly "getting" the reality that there are powers and authorities and gifts that come with the title.

Imagine discovering that you were the long lost son of a king and that you were suddenly the heir apparent. There have been all sorts of books and movies on the theme, but none of them really explore what it means to have your word become reality. If the crown prince breathes a wish, someone makes it happen.

This is not about name-it-claim-it theology or any formulaic thing and it's very definitely not about anything having to do with self. It is about recognizing that God loves us and has empowered us to do exploits in His name, to affect changes in people's lives and even in the governments around us. Prayer is something that we do, but often we pray weak prayers or we pray for things without actually expecting God to move in response to our prayers. Confident prayers, not arrogant prayers. Earnest prayers, not presumptive prayers.

And the same with our actions. I believe with Beck, that while we pray to God, and while we wait with anticipation on Him, we don't lay back and play dead waiting for Him to act. He has invested in us in enormous ways. His Holy Spirit is amazing, and too often goes untapped as a bottomless reservoir of power.

Perhaps our prayers and the actions need to change. What would happen if we prayed and expected that Father would answer and would include us as a physical, actual part of the answer, an actual hand or foot of Christ here on earth, to accomplish the will of Him Who created us!

Harold Hill proclaimed it years ago. King's Kids! That was a cute thing. I still have my pin somewhere. I AM a King's kid. I know, however, what it means to be a son of God. It's a legal term with huge implications. I am an heir apparent with an amazing array of powers and authorities that come with the label "son". I'm still learning how to walk in that power and give all the glory to Him. How can I walk powerfully without calling attention to myself? It's easy to answer but hard to live the answer. He must increase and I must decrease. If people see things that I do and see Jesus, I wielded the power and authority well. If they only see me, I need more practice.