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Dicuss the contemporary music scene here - HelenaZF - 08-31-2009

My intention for this forum is to develope some topics about those current writing and singing the worship music churches are using these days. I'll put up some looks at those I think are important and are writing sound, scripturally based songs, and also explore those who maybe popular but are missing the mark in some way.

Members are welcome to start topics about artists they are excited about or wondering about and we can help each other discern what the Spirit is saying to us as we choose worship music for our ministries. I hope that this forum will not just be a blog of my own ideas, but a fruitful exchange. If you have an opinion about an artist that is different from mine, don't be hesitant to express it. In the airing of the discussion, readers will be able to see a broader look at the subject matter, and all will be enriched.

We can talk about CD's, artist's activities and testimonies, particular songs, projects or books...anything related to the contemporary worship scene. It's up to you what direction this forum ultimately takes. It could be a reference, or it could be a place where we wrestle out knotty issues. So let's see what developes!